Nouvelles : Twice a first price in Nijlen

Easter Monday it is traditionally the Fair in the city Nijlen, we got it all this year: rain, rain, rain, to end up with bright sunshine! But the results were constant: both Lies and Fleur managed to win their series in the contest.

For our yearling filly Lies, it was the first time "out" and it's always exciting to see how youngsters will behave! First time on the trailer, first time getting manes braided, first time in a strange place between strange horses: she let it all happen and behaved exemplary.
The nine mares of one year old were divided into two series, Lies, who will only be a year on June 30, was in the group 'small height' where she won her first gold medal.

In the series of four year old mares it was time for Fleur and she also was first to get back in the ring for the ranking!
The day could not have passed better!

And now ... the countdown to the birth of the foals can begin !


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